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She knew that the person inside, that super-genius, he was her destined one, the hero in her dreams, the most powerful person in the world. The one who could support the sky with his hands and shake the earth with his feet.


“Oh, I see…” Hong Dali looked around and quickly saw the Honorary Aristocrats standing at one side. There was even one that wore a purple-colored cape. Hong Dali looked at it meticulously… It’s not very good looking, my golden cape is still more beautiful! And if I become well-known, I will be forced to practice martial arts day and night—god, such life is unbearable!


When they heard what Tianyi said, the crowd exclaimed, My God, he must be a martial arts talent to pass level twenty-two!Yes, yes, only a few people from our Shenluo City passed level twenty-two. This Honorary Aristocrat must be very powerful, he advanced directly!Yes, the lackey is in danger!


Damn! Hong Dali almost died of shock. He would have to go back and tell everyone he went out for a drink and brought a wife back, and she was even a Galaxy Aristocrat…


Li Tianxing only stopped for a while and did not say anything more. He entered the hall coolly. It wasnt an overstatement to say that comparing Hong Dali to him, Hong Dali indeed seemed like a typical country bumpkin


This The clerk stared with his eyes wide open. Then, he shouted excitedly, Scott from the Trenches Planet, twenty-four years old, level twenty-two of the Tower of Trials, cleared on the thirty-fourth attempt, directly promoted to orange-level Honorary Aristocrat! Direct promotion!

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Do you see this shop? Mister Gate pointed at the weapons shop. This weapon has three attribute gems embedded in it. Two Strength +9, one Reflexes +8. My son actually said to sell this for one thousand Galaxy Dollars. If hes not a prodigal, what is he?


When the mysterious man heard that, he slapped his thigh and said, Yes, yes. Your new godson is very smart. With popularity, you can auction this equipment, and put up a few more things for sale, and they will easily get sold. Its not easy to come up with something like that! What do you intend to do next?


Otherwise, if Tang Muxin found out and fought with her, resulting in Jiang Qianxue getting angry and blowing the Earth up—f**k, all his hairs were standing up, that’s a terrifying thought!


“Yup, but before we go…” Hong Dali stretched out his finger and poked the little grey bird Acka that was nesting on his head. “Acka, we are going offline now. Where will you be going for this period?”


Tang Muxin said, Anyway, Sister Qianxue, you just have to know that he is definitely not short on money.


“You are really an idiot with no sense of direction.” Tang Muxin humphed and said, “Ask from the guards for directions to the Savage Rose Tavern. If that doesn’t work, give him five Galaxy Dollars and ask him to bring you here. We are all here now.”


“Other than this, there’s something else.” Hong Dali sniffled, smiled and said, “There’s a necklace too. This necklace is good stuff. Its name is Soul Hunter. It can boost all of the wearer’s attributes by 30% for 30 seconds. Its cooldown timing is 24 hours—Brother Levis, take it, no one is more suitable for having this than you!”



In this case, Hong Dali touched his chin. the situation in your shop sounds complicated. I dont have much of an impression of it. How about this, lead us to your shop to take a look. If its okay, Ill buy a few more shops.



“Any room will do.” The man with eagle eyes shrugged his shoulders indifferently. “Anyway, I’m preparing to go to the Tower of Trials. As long as there’s a virtual reality helmet.”


He continued to appraise the second piece of equipment. Master Brahman exclaimed again. One Strength +11, one Agility +12, one Reflexes +13! Oh my God!


At this moment, the crowd was shocked. They whispered among themselves as they bowed. No wonder they are so pretty. They are Galaxy Aristocrats! Oh my God! Galaxy Aristocrats are different, indeed. Look at them. They look so noble even without their cloaks. Incredible!

  • Hrm. When he heard the whole story, Hong Dali rubbed his chin. This was a good deal that came to him, and Hong Dali was not about to reject it. The big prodigals eyes were already bright. This is a great squandering opportunity! So, Sir, how much are you selling your shop for?
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